Public Affairs

Our Public Affairs practice group is a full service provider of campaign, communications, and advocacy efforts including politics, policy, media, and persuasion.

We make strong connections.

We’re devoted to cultivating relationships and using our specialized experience to find ways to bring people together.  Coalition building has become a bit of a buzzword phrase without much meaning behind it.  For us, it’s where we started and it’s what we know; bringing people together is where all good work starts and ends.  It will never be a set of fancy words for us.  We have deep community roots and understanding of what issues look like on the ground and we’ve built a reputation on delivering what we promise. Our relationships depend on it.

We tell strategic stories.

The issues and campaigns we manage are often complex, but when it comes down to it, there’s always a simple story to be told.  We strive to make every candidate, interest and issue precise, concise, and human as we work at the intersection of policy and the public.  As audiences grow increasingly savvy across mediums, authenticity becomes imperative and we know how to deliver thoughtful, creative, nuanced messaging that speaks to people exactly where they are.  We work in all traditional advertising and marketing media, as well as the digital realm and have a long track record of success across a range of candidate and issue communications.

We change minds.

We’re humble enough to know that you can’t persuade without first understanding. We know how to listen. It’s the most important tool we have as we seek to make change on behalf of our clients and their interests.  We think big, working from problem to solution, instead of the other way around. We know what moves people and what makes people move and we get them there with integrity and confidence.


Benjamin H. Groff

Public Affairs

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Benjamin R. Smith

Principal Non-Attorney
Public Affairs

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Ashiah S. Parker

Principal Non-Attorney
Public Affairs

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Quick Facts

We target real people.

We deploy a range of analytic strategies to find the right audience for your message and the right medium to deliver it.

Our research is grounded in science.

While all good communications must rely on creativity, we use analytically driven polling and public opinion research to help drive and shape our clients’ messaging.

Our clients trust us.

The team we’ve built is not just about results, we’re community partners, too. Our on-the-ground work demonstrates our commitment to finding success while keeping an eye on the greater horizon.

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