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Our public finance practice focuses on serving as bond counsel in public purpose financings, tax increment financings and special taxing district financings, as well as serving as issuer’s counsel for conduit revenue bond issues, but we also have experience representing trustees, underwriters and purchasers.

We have over 35 years of experience in a wide array of municipal financings.

As bond counsel, we have been involved in financing facilities, improvements and equipment for governmental use; water, sewer and stormwater systems; school facilities; parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities; public works projects, including roads, bridges and dams; landfills; and other infrastructure needs, including infrastructure to support planned commercial and residential development.  Our experience as issuer’s counsel, trustee’s counsel and underwriter’s counsel has exposed us to financings for a variety of projects, including university and college facilities and improvements; student housing; retirement communities; hospitals; other health care facilities; convention centers; manufacturing facilities; parking facilities; and research parks.

Our representation does not necessarily end with a deal closing.

 We have assisted clients in preparing and posting continuing disclosure filings; compliance with the federal tax code’s change-in-use rules; reallocation of bond proceeds to other purposes; establishing written procedures for post-issuance tax compliance and post-issuance continuing disclosure compliance; and structuring post-issuance management or operating agreements, leases and other use agreements in compliance with federal tax law.

 We’re government-focused and provide bond counsel representation across the State of Maryland.

We serve governmental issuers across Maryland and understand how Maryland’s local governments differ from one another. We do not represent parties that have interests adverse to local governments.


Lindsey A. Rader

Public Finance

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Quick Facts

In recent years, we've provided bond counsel representation to

45 of Maryland’s 158 municipalities (including Baltimore City in the count of the State’s municipalities), seven of Maryland’s 23 counties, and one sanitary district.

We have experience

serving as bond counsel to local governments of all sizes, from the smallest to some of the largest.

We serve as bond counsel for issues sold by

direct purchase (including to financial institutions, the Maryland Water Quality Financing Administration, the Maryland Community Development Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture), public sale at competitive bid, negotiated underwriting, and in limited offerings.

In 2019 our team successfully assisted

clients with the approval of over $1 billion in affiliate investments, and successfully resolved a dispute on behalf of an MCO arising out of a medical loss ratio claw-back imposed by the Maryland Department of Health.

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