Government Relations

Our Government Relations practice group represents businesses, trade and professional associations, non-profit corporations, coalitions, and advocacy groups before the Maryland General Assembly.

We’re located in the heart of Annapolis.

Our office is conveniently situated in the heart of Annapolis, allowing us to closely monitor the issues that matter to our clients, review legislation, and advocate for our clients’ positions on particular bills.

We’re attentive advocates.

Each year, the Maryland General Assembly considers approximately 3,000 individual bills during its ninety-day legislative session. Our group members review this legislation, monitor issues of interest to our clients, and advocate for their positions on particular bills. We assist clients in message development, building strategic resources and relationships, and advise our clients on the tactical issues around the passing or defeat of a particular legislative initiative. When the Legislature is not in session, we represent clients on legislative workgroups, commissions, advisory committees, and in Maryland’s regulatory process.

We cultivate strong partnerships.

We advance legislative strategy, develop campaigns, and lead issues from start to finish. Relationships—with our clients among entities with similar interests—are a key to our success. We often form coalitions of like-minded entities focused on a single issue or subject matter. And we believe that it can be helpful for our clients to participate directly in legislative and regulatory activities. We also represent a range of trade associations representing various segments of the insurance industry. These trade associations provide year-round monitoring and advocacy of legislative and regulatory matters affecting insurers doing business in Maryland. Our relationships with these trade associations give us day-to-day insight into the insurance industry’s legislative developments—a valuable benefit for any client with a similar interest.

Funk & Bolton helped form the League of Life and Health Insurers of Maryland, Inc. (The League) in 1989 to serve the life and health insurers in Maryland in meeting their legislative and regulatory needs: The League of Life & Health Insurers of Maryland




Matthew Celentano

Principal Non-Attorney
Government Relations

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Neal Karkhanis

Principal Non-Attorney
Government Relations

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Philemon G. Kendzierski

Government Relations Specialist

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Luke P. Pinton

Government Relations
Insurance Regulation & Business

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Quick Facts

Nearly 30 years in existence,

our Government Relations Practice Group has developed deep relationships across many aspects of state government. 

Annapolis is the base for statewide lawmaking.

The Maryland General Assembly operates out of the longest continuously active State House in the Nation.

Maryland’s General Assembly has 188 members:

47 in the Senate and 141 in the House of Delegates.

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