Government Relations


Ren Tundermann
Tinna Damaso Quigley
Matthew Celentano

The Government Relations Practice Group represents businesses, trade and professional associations, non-profit corporations, coalitions and advocacy groups before the Maryland General Assembly as well as counties and municipal corporations in Maryland. The Group is located in the firm’s Annapolis, Maryland office.

Each year, the Maryland General Assembly considers approximately two thousand individual bills during its ninety-day legislative session. Group members review this legislation, monitor legislative issues of interest to our clients, and advocate our clients’ positions on particular bills. We assist clients in message development, identify and secure resources to assist us in this effort, and advise our clients on the tactical issues arising from the effort to pass or defeat a particular legislative initiative.

The firm’s government relations practice embraces a wide range of issues of importance to its business clients. Group members have been instrumental in defeating proposed legislation to expand tort liability in Maryland. They have helped secure the passage of legislation clarifying rules on the corporate governance of investment companies in Maryland, thus assuring a stable environment for the several hundred investment companies currently incorporated under Maryland law. Recently, Group members have successfully resisted the imposition of new and substantial taxes and fees by the State.

Other substantive changes to Maryland law in which Group members have been involved include the complete restructuring of the electricity market in the state, comprehensive revisions to both the insurance premium finance and surplus lines insurance statutes and issues involving public finance, life and health insurance, administrative law, contracts and procurement, taxation, environmental law, economic development, transportation, ethics and election law, and constitutional law.

We believe that it can be helpful for our clients to participate directly in the legislative process. That participation may take a variety of forms. We represent entities individually on issues or legislation important to them. We facilitate the formation of coalitions of like-minded entities focused on a single issue or subject matter. Finally, we represent a range of trade associations representing various segments of the insurance industry. These trade associations provide year-round monitoring and advocacy of legislative and regulatory matters affecting insurers doing business in Maryland. Our trade associations include The League of Life & Health Insurers of Maryland, the Alliance of Maryland Dental Plans, and the Maryland Insurance Alliance (representing property & casualty insurers). To learn more about these trade associations, please select the link below:

The League of Life
& Health Insurers of Maryland
The Alliance of Maryland Dental Plans The Maryland Insurance Alliance